2014 Resolutions



This page from my Filed Doodle Planner from my tita was blank until a couple of minutes ago.

I decided to fill it up with things I need to work on like thinking more positively or studying harder…

The only time I wrote a resolution was for an activity in school which I never followed. This is my first time to create one and I hope that I will be able to follow it.

So what about you? What are your resolutions for this year? :)

OOTD: What (Wait for It) Ever


So I went out with my friends one time to be their photographer and I had been planning to wear my Whatever shirt for a long time so I decided why not wear it that day?

Here is a quick selfie showing my cropped top Whatever shirt:


And here’s a full body shot of my ootd:



I also wore the red espadrilles my mother bought for me. I loved it! It was really comfy.


20131229-121905.jpgSo what do you think about my ootd? Don’t forget to leave a comment, hit like, or share. I would appreciate it! xx

Funshoot with Erika (December 21, 2013)


I am so happy because I finally get to have my photography skills back in the field. I spent only about 25% of 2013 with my baby Canon and the remaining percent with my iPhone. Timing has really been tougher ever since I graduated from high school. I do not have enough time to play around with my camera anymore. All I do everyday was to go to school, listen during lectures, eat, go home, study even upon arriving at home, and then sleep. I do not think one can survive college without sacrificing this much.

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took with my cousin Erika as the model.


I am not really a pro in Adobe Photoshop; I do not even have the latest version but I tried. I swear, I did. 


I was not only the photographer, but I was also the one who chose what she would wear and how she would pose. Talk about multi-tasking! 


I know right, my cousin is very pretty…. like me (just kidding!!) 



For more photos, visit my Facebook page here

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One of Those Days


One of Those Days

Do you also have those days when you feel like you have hit rock bottom and still nobody cares? I often have those days which inspired me to write this 4-line rhyme with an ABCB scheme. All I am saying is, use your downfalls as your inspirations. When you think you are left with nothing, do something with that experience. Learn how to turn things around. We, as humans, are in control of our fate. If we are surrounded with negativity, then let us learn how to radiate positivity.

A simple smile and a reminder that we can make things better can actually make things better.

Worry less. Smile often.

(The photo is not mine.)

OOTD: That Skater Skirt


I am not a fan of skirts but I sure do love this striped skater skirt I bought online.Image

I wore it when some of my high school friends and I decided to surprise my best friend on his departure to the U.S. I thought it would look a little girly-classy with this sleeveless collared mint polka dotted top that I have been dying to wear. 


It compliments my studded flats, too!


Aaaaaand to add a little sprinkle, I wore these bracelets. 

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OOTD: Star City




One day, my college block mates and I went to Star City, an amusement park here in Manila, to watch one of Lisa Macuja’s last ballet performances as a requirement for our Filipino subject. 


I really do not know what to wear at first because I know for sure that we will be having fun at Star City after the show, that is why I went with something that is both casual and comfortable. So I decided to wear this striped top with my mint pants. Along with these, I decided to use my green x pink splattered paint backpack to top it all off. 



Can you believe it? I am in Hollywood! Ha ha ha, kidding! I wore these pink-transparent-glittery flats which I think are really cute!

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